My 2019 Hiking Bucket List

I am so excited for this year.  Its been a minute since I last posted, and I want to keep writing about my adventures so that I am motivated to continue. I have so many plans for myself in regards to hiking in 2019, and I’m so excited for all the beautiful places I’ll get to see as a result. 

That being said, here are my top 5 bucket list hikes that I’ll be conquering this year!


1. Mount Whitney, California

This is at the TOP of my bucket list.  This is that tallest peak in the contiguous United States (all the states except Alaska and Hawaii).  It’s in California, and a strenuous 22 mile hike.  But it is GORGEOUS.  There’s lakes along the way and you’re able to camp overnight on the trail. I’ve applied for a permit to hike it in the summer of 2019 so fingers crossed that I’m able to make it happen!


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2. Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, California

Half Dome is a day hike in the iconic Yosemite National Park.  There are 2 main parts of the hike: sub-dome and half dome.  You can hike to the sub-dome without a permit, but the real thrill is the climb up half dome.  It consists of essentially a very sheer cliff in which you use the ropes to climb up.  The ropes are only up for a certain season (May-October) and last year I didn’t end up securing a last minute permit, so I’m excited to get to conquer this one soon!

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3. Rim to Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

There’s a lot of people who consider this hike impossible, or don’t even know about it.  It involves hiking the North Kaibab Trail, which starts with a long descent into the canyon, then hiking across and back up.  The general consensus is that it is absolutely grueling, but totally worth it.

Photo by Dana Hubbard 2019

4. Hole-in-the-Wall, Olympic Peninsula, Washington

After visiting Seattle last year, I fell in love with the beautiful state of Washington. This summer, I’ll be doing a lot more hiking and spending time in the nature that Washington has to offer. Hole in the wall is a lot less intense than the other hikes on my list, but its also a lot different than the ones I usually attempt. The hike is actually along the beach, getting to walk in the sand along the beautiful west coast, eventually leading to the namesake rock and miles and miles of ocean.

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5. Tolmie Peak Trail, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Another beautiful spot in Washington, this hike is going to be amazing. It features alpine lakes along the way, and once you reach the top you have insane views of Mount Rainier. I personally think that mountains in Washington are the most beautiful in the country, and I can’t wait to experience them again.

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