7 Addicting Podcasts You Won’t Be Able To Turn Off

7 Addicting Podcasts You Won’t Be Able To Turn Off

Not to toot my own horn, but I feel like I’ve pretty much mastered the art of road trips.

My little car and I have been all over together, from Utah to Wyoming to New Mexico to California and all over the state of Arizona, and I’ve perfected my road tripping to make it as painless as possible.

I think the number one complaint most people have about road trips is that they’re boring. And trust me, I’ve had my fair share of boring road trips.  But I’ve discovered the one saving grace of a long car drive: podcasts.

If I just listen to music I will start going insane on about hour 2.  But I can literally make 10-12 hour drives fly by if I alternate between music and podcasts. It gives you something to focus your mind on and think about other than how far you have left to go.

That being said, here are podcasts that I’m obsessed with.

My Favorite Murder



1.My Favorite Murder- This is a mix of true crime and humor.  Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are crude, witty, and hilarious so pretty much right up my alley.  For every episode, each of them researches a different murder and then tells the story.  It’s the perfect mixture of true crime and humor, which normally wouldn’t go well together but they make it work– and well. It’s one of the most popular podcasts on Spotify.

Up and Vanished



2. Up and Vanished-  I’ve never been more invested in a podcast than in this one.  I recommend it to literally anyone, I don’t even care what the situation is.  The host, Payne Lindsey, does some serious research.  The first season follows a story about a small town girl who disappears in 2005, and the whole case is just so bizarre. And actually BECAUSE of this podcast, the crime was essentially solved over 10 years later, and you get to follow that with the podcast.  Epic.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard



3. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard- If you’ve never heard of Dax Shepard, you’re missing out big time (and you need to watch Parenthood).  He’s a famous actor and he’s married to Kristen Bell which just makes him even cooler IMO.  He interviews other actors, actresses, and people he loves (like his mom) and every episode is so entertaining.  It feels like you’re sitting around talking with your friends, and it’s the perfect, light, funny thing to listen to on a long drive.  It also helps that each episode is like 2 hours long. When I need a break from the dark stuff I listen to, this is usually what I put on.

Happy Face



4. Happy Face- This is such an insane podcast from such a unique viewpoint.  It’s about the “Happy Face Killer” Keith Hunter Jesperson, a serial killer who murdered at least 8 women in the 90’s and wrote letters to the police in which he drew smiley faces, thus earning the name.  This podcast follows and interviews Keith Hunger Jesperson’s daughter, who has to navigate what it means to be related to a psychopathic killer as she recounts memories of her father and go over the crimes he committed. It’s a new podcast, and as of now only has the first episode out, so you can listen and follow along as it goes.

The Goal Digger Podcast



5. The Goal Digger Podcast- This podcast is honestly a goldmine of information about running your own business- whether that’s blogging, etsy, photography, or anything else. Jenna Kutcher is someone who takes her own advice.  She left her 9-5 job to pursue a career in photography with no experience whatsoever.  She shares all the things she’s learned about social media, business, and life in this super inspiring and motivational podcast.

Dr. Death



6. Dr. Death- I just started listening to this one after hearing people rave about it nonstop.  It’s about a spine doctor/ serial killer who botched surgery after surgery that resulted in 15 deaths.  It also opens up an interesting dialogue about the healthcare system and how something like this could have possibly happened.  I definitely cannot wait to finish this one up.

Babes and Babies



7. Babes and Babies– Either The Bachelor franchise is your guilty pleasure or you’re lying to yourself.  This podcast is hosted by 3 of the ladies from various seasons of Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise, and they talk about their lives post-reality show,  with kids, and other empowering topics. Another light, entertaining podcast that you can listen to when you get tired of all of my dark recommendations.

There are seriously podcasts that accommodate and cover every single interest you could possibly think of.  Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite podcasts are so I can check them out!


How To Spend Two Days In Zion National Park

How To Spend Two Days In Zion National Park

National Park trips were always a tradition in my family growing up.  Most of our vacations involved doing something outdoors, especially in Utah since we had a lot of family there and it’s pretty close to home.  Living in Arizona, we’re only a 5 hour drive from the Utah border, which is home to some of the most amazing National Parks.  Zion is one of those must-see parks with so much to do.

Beautiful red rocks, huge canyon walls, and a river splitting down the middle makes this National Park a super hot commodity in terms of exploring.  The last time I was in Zion was when I was 9, so I was due for another trip.

Somehow I convinced my friend Daniel to take this random and spontaneous trip with me, so we packed up the gear for our weekend trip to Zion.

We wanted to camp, but campgrounds inside National Parks can sell out even 6 months in advance so it can be tricky to just pick up and decided to visit.

One of my biggest weapons in my travel arsenal is Hip Camp.  Basically it’s Airbnb but for campgrounds and you can find tons of campgrounds that you can reserve all over the country.

We camped at the Zion Wright Family Ranch and it was absolutely amazing.  This campground is actually on a fully functioning ranch and the people who own it open it up to campers, and you can just drive in and set up shop anywhere on the allotted property!

We had to drive on a dirt road for 7 miles to even get into the ranch, and the night we got there a HUGE storm was blowing in.  It was high key terrifying to drive through the washed out areas because I was like “Well I guess we’ll just see how deep these puddles really are” and went for it.

Not gonna lie, once we entered the ranch, Daniel and I drove around with both of our phones out yelling at each other saying “I only have one bar,” or “I got 4G right here”, “NO WAIT I HAD LTE PUT IT IN REVERSE” until we found a place where both of us had service (no shame lol).

Once we got all settled, another storm came in and this one was wicked.  There was lightning EVERYWHERE and it started to pour.  We ended up having to eat Lunchables and candy for dinner since we couldn’t start a fire and then put our seats all the way back and slept in the car because, ya know, we didn’t want to get struck by lightning.

Besides the obvious fact that sleeping on a seat in the car isn’t the preferred method of sleeping, we slept well and then woke up at the crack of dawn to head into the park.

Our campground was about 30 minutes outside of the gates of Zion, so we made that short drive over and were soon surrounded by the towering mountains.

During the summer in Zion NP, it can get insanely crowded, so to remedy that they have a shuttle bus that runs through the canyon.  There are NO cars allowed in the park during the summer months whatsoever so you have to take the shuttle.  The good news is that during these really busy times it runs every few minutes so you never have to worry about waiting around.

We took the very first shuttle at 6 a.m. into the canyon fully ready to take on Angel’s Landing which is arguably the most iconic hike in any western National Park. Then as we were riding waiting for our stop, they announced that it was closed because of the storm that hit the night before.  Angel’s Landing is a dangerous hike as is, so if there is ever any weather issues it would be downright deadly.

I was SO disappointed because when I planned this trip, the two hikes I had my heart set on were Angel’s Landing and The Narrows.  So we improvised and it ended up being one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done!

Day 1: Observation Point

Even though we couldn’t do Angel’s Landing, I was still determined to do a challenging hike.  We talked to some other people on the bus who had to change their plans too and they said they were going to hike Observation Point instead.  We didn’t really have much to go on, so we decided to say fuck it and go.

This 8 mile round-trip hike was no joke, but to say the view was worth it would be an understatement. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

The craziest part of it all is that we were literally looking DOWN on Angel’s Landing from the top of this trail, so this hike ended up giving us an even better view of Zion and its beauty. Funny how things work out.





After this long hike we were pretty wiped out, so we decided to just head back to our campground and relax for the rest of the day.

Day 2: The Narrows

Chances are if you’ve seen any pictures of Zion National Park, you’ve seen pictures of this place.  It’s the iconic “hike” where you’re trekking through the river surrounded by the sheer canyon walls on both sides.
This place has been on my bucket list for a hot minute, and I was so worried that we wouldn’t be able to do this hike either.  The Narrows is incredibly dangerous if there’s a storm because it can flash flooding there is zero high ground.  So if there’s even a chance of rain it’s bad news bears.
Luckily we got an early start (since it’s more likely to storm in the afternoon in the summer) and were blessed with the perfect day.
Once again, we took the earliest possible shuttle and the whole ride I was buzzing with excitement.  I love the feeling I get when I’m about to experience something I’ve been imagining for a while, and I think that’s something so beautiful about nature is that it never fails to excite and inspire me.
Once we got off the bus, we took the short paved walk to the entrance of the Narrows and we waded into the river and started walking!

As soon as I stepped into the water I was in awe. The canyon walls were so tall and incredible. Listen, I had high expectations for this hike but it was better than I even thought it would be.  The beauty of this place can’t even be capture in the pictures.

It was so peaceful since we got out so early in the morning, and we took our time walking in the river and then trekking on the banks.  In the beginning of the Narrows there are some parts where you walk along sand on the sides, and as you get deeper into the canyon it’s all water from there.

Around one of the first bends in the canyon was a legit WATERFALL coming down the canyon wall.  I definitely made Daniel take 12348793 pictures of me because I’m an asshole and because it was too pretty not to.


I mean look at this.  I N S A N E.


Word to the wise: if you do this hike make sure to bring hiking poles.  You’re gonna need them to judge how deep the water is so you don’t eat shit every 5 steps. You’ll thank me later.

We hiked about 3 miles in and then turned around to head back.  You can hike essentially as far as you want but in order to do the through hike, you need a permit and you also need to be crazy enough to do 16 miles of wading, hiking, and swimming through this water.

The Narrows blew my mind in every possible incredible way.  It was hands down the highlight of my trip and I left completely satisfied and proud of everything I had accomplished.

If you’re down for some challenging yet completely rewarding hikes, Observation Point and The Narrows are definitely two must-sees for a summer trip in Zion National Park.